Thursday, 27 October 2011

Show Girls Buses in Spain

Since long time ago, public buses have become billboards on wheels. They announced last film premieres, trendy restaurants... and since some days ago in Valencia, Spain, buses also advertise erotic clubs. 

Part of the public metropolitan bus fleet has in their rear huge posters of show girls, dating sites and erotic clubs.  The issue, exposedvyesterday by the Spanish newspaper Público, caused a scandal in the government offices.  

Those ads, as said the news agency Efe, are on the streets of Valencia since last April, but yesterday the government decided to remove them.

What do you think? Do you think the government must remove this ads or not?
You can read the whole piece of news, in Spanish, in this link to the newspaper El País

Monday, 24 October 2011

Wünderful Stuff - A Wünderful Ad?

Last October 8th the UK-based yogurt brand Muller launched a new advertising campaign called Wünderful Stuff.
This campaign that is being supported by on-demand video, digital marketing strategies, print, cinema, social media and point-of-sale activity, has been made up by the advertising agency TBWA\London and has cost Muller £20m (that's a lot of money, don't you think?).

The key of this new advertising campaign is a 90 second commercial that is running across 60 channels and which debuted during ITV’s X Factor, one of the most popular UK TV programmes.

The day after the debut, the London's newspaper Metro was all covered with the Muller print advert.

In the campaign you can see a lot of the old TV favourites such as Mr Men, Yogi Bear and Kitt from Knight Rider.

I have to say the first time I saw this ad I was really surprised and interested because I was trying to guess what the hell were doing Yogi and Kitt saving that city of the "grey life" with a music that really sound like the Pirates of the Caribbean music... and of course, why it was related to Muller…

I think the goal of Muller and TBWA was to show that a better and happier world is possible and (of course) you can have a lot of fun and happiness tasting a Muller's yogurt. The problem I see is that people don't understand the ad. They don't know what are those cartoons doing and what do they have to do with Muller. And that's not good…

Anyway, I think it is an interesting campaign for a yogurt brand.

What do you think about it?
Do you like it?
Doesn't it remind you to the Coke Happiness Factory ad but with a lot of brighter colours?


Monday, 10 October 2011

What are Social Bookmarking and Social News sites?

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is the process that we do when we save a website, which content is interesting for us, in websites known as bookmarks, so every time we want we can go to this sites just having a computer with access to the internet, without need of download anything in one computer. Our bookmarks not only will available for us but also for other users that could see and follow our bookmarks. And, because of everything happens in the online ambit, it’s easy to share our bookmarks wit our friends and contacts.

What is Social News?

Social News is a bookmarking tool very similar to Social Bookmarking but made up by communities who make possible to users to bookmark news contents, but also relevant contents from blogs, interesting stories, etc, and images and videos as well.

Their typology makes them great sources of information, and also make them sites where to intervene in, comment and discuss the most important recent events.

Main differences between Social Bookmarking and Social News

Despite being very similar tools and with similar performances, there are important differences between them, which means that should be evaluated independently.

  • The nature of the marked: it is the most notable difference between the Social Bookmarking and Social News, being the first one web pages, and news and relevant and current content for the second one.

  • The length of the marked: a page may remain marked in a Social Bookmarking site so long as the user who has marked wants, while it marked in the Social News, to be mainly news, lasts for hours or days, until it is losing popularity.

  • The way of socialize: Another significant distinction between the two social tools. While the Social Bookmarking sites provide users can share their bookmarks with their lists of friends and contacts, the Social News sites are not raised to share content with friends or contacts because the importance resides in being aware of what news or content is the most popular of the moment.

  • The type of traffic generated: another important difference to make between Social News and Social Bookmarking is the purpose, from a commercial point of view, of the use made of both tools in order to attract traffic to our website. While the Social News, being a sort of popularity contest, we can get a lot of traffic very quickly –but with the risk of having a non quality traffic and non loyal traffic- Social Bookmarking gets traffic for a long term, as a user is getting more and more readers and scoring more and more pages. In this way, traffic that originates with Social Bookmarking will be, with certainty, more relevant and of better quality.