Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The content marketing matrix

I've always known content is really important on a website but know, workings as a SEO copywriter I know it is the king of a website and the king of the  Internet too.

If you want to optimize a website for the search engines, you really need to start creating beautiful and engaging content on a regular basis.

What options do you have? What kind of content is the best for your website? and for your audience and marketing goals? With this chart, you'll know it in a easy and visual way.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bear, Beard or Beer?

This week I´ve seen in a lot of advertising Facebook pages an awesome graphic campaign created for the advertising agency Dim & Canziam in Sao Paulo for the English school FF.

Under the name "Make your English clear. Conversational classes" this piece of art, with an icredible art direction, it´s able to show the difficulty for non-English speakers to pronounce correctly really similar words.




  • Creative Directors- Michele Dim D'Ippolito, Guilherme Facci
  • Art Directors- Thiago Martinhão, Michele Dim D'Ippolito
  • Copywriters- Paulo Marcussi, Michele Dim D'Ippolito
  • Illustrator- Sattu