Sunday, 19 February 2012

Android Apps For SEO Addicts

Nowadays there are more and more people that own a blog or a website, either for business or for personal reasons (simply as a hobby). All these people know very well the great importance of SEO for their blogs/websites in order to have their sites well positioned at the top of search engines results and increase their visits.

Here is when appears the strange figure of the SEO addict, the individual that spends a lot of time optimizing the contents of his website for SEO; the individual that comments in a lot of different blogs and pages to get links to his site; the individual which browser´s home page of is Google Analytics.

So huge is this addiction that there are a range of mobile applications for these addicts. In this way you can see the statistics of your website, manage your AdWords campaigns or your AdSense incomes from your Smartphone... in every single moment.

You can find below some of these SEO apps for Android devices all availabe in the Android Market.


Your website Google Analytics Stats everywhere.
mAnalytics is a program to view your website Google Analytics stats on your android device.
  • Secure login using android account manager (without password).
  • Multiple account and profile support.
  • Stats charts.
  • Simple and intuitive use.
  • Query statistics from various date ranges (today, yesterday, last week, last month or custom range).
  • Daily statistics for visits, visitors, traffic sources and content.
  • Easily view your position on the most popular search engines using the keywords in the stats (long click and select search engine).
  • And much more...

AdSense Dashboard

A secure, read-only dashboard view of the performance of your AdSense account.
Provides a heads-up overview over critical AdSense performance metrics, including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easily-digestible form. Includes a desktop widget showing today's vital statistics.

Uses Google's AdSense Management API to provide a secure, read-only view of your data.

Google Shortcuts

Google Shortcuts is an application that includes a large number of Google services (45 exactly).
With it, you can access quickly and easily to your sites / services preferred by Google.
The list of shortcuts can be changed as needed, sorting, displaying or hiding the shortcuts.

Services supported:
G. Plus, Gmail, Android Market, Android Market Console (for developers), Google Music, Picasa, Maps, Youtube, Earth, Books, Docs, Reader, Translate, Blogger, Analytics, Admob, Contacts, Cloud Print, Checkout / Wallet, Calendar, Adsense, Adwords, AppEngine, Google Apps,, Finance, Orkut, Shopper, Talk, Remote TV, Offers, Catalogs, News, Currents, Goggles, etc ...

WebRank SEO

A free SEO tool for competitive website analysis. Analyse website in one click.

WebRank SEO gives you Website Ranks(Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and Compete Rank), pages indexed and backlinks in various search engines(Google, Bing and Yahoo). A Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Tool for competitive website analysis.

SEO Serp Tracker

Is your website in the top of search engine? Get this app and find out!
This is SERP (search engine results page) tracker app, which allows you to check your website rank in search engine.
  • No advertisements
  • Local SERP'S (UK, DE, PL, FR, IT, RU etc.
  • Unlimited keywords (free version 7)
  • Unlimited websites (free version 3)
  • Optimized performance
  • On tap extra information show ranking anchor
  • On tap extra information go to ranking URL


SEO/SEM app for Google PR, inbound & backlinks, Twitter/Facebook shares & more!
Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing app that provides information and data about domain rankings, Google PR (pagerank), backlinks, inbound links, Alexa rank, and social share information from Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious.
  • Google PageRank (PR)
  • Google backlinks
  • Bing backlinks
  • Alexa rank
  • Alexa links In (inbound links)
  • Twitter tweet URL mentions
  • Number of Facebook shares
  • Number of Facebook likes
  • Facebook comment URL mentions
  • Number of Delicious bookmarks

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

10 great logos with hidden messages

The logo is the most important part of the corporate identity. If you have a look a the following ones, all logos with hidden messages, you can see how you can say more with your logo than you had imagined.

Heart Beats


The Installers

Lion Bird

Martini House

Treacy Shoes



White Rabbit

Wiesinger Music