Saturday, 20 August 2011

The most famous fast-food mascots ever

Burger King has announced his decision of remove 'The King' from his position as a mascot and image of the hamburger chain, with the aim of bringing its image to the food and fresh and quality ingredients, in a clear effort to get closer to its competitor McDonald's and get to be seen as a quality restaurant and even as a healthy food.

This news has led me to think about the most famous mascots that advertising has given to fast-food. Bizarre and eccentric mascots who have become icons of capitalist consumer society in which we live, as part of our daily lives.

Who does not know the clown Ronald McDonald or the superamerican Colonel Sanders? Do not show some kids a photograph of the prime minister of their country, as many have no clue who the hell he is, but show them a picture of 'The King' of burgers, now about to leave his throne... and I'm more than sure that all of them will recognize it in seconds!

Ronald McDonald - McDonald's

The King - Burger King

Colonel Sanders - Kentuky fried chicken

Chihuahua - Taco Bell

Jack - Jack in the box

The Noid - Domino's Pizza

Big Boy - Frisch's

And many more!!! Which's your favourite one? 

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