Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How To Get More Traffic To Your New Website (I)

When you create a new website it's not  at all easy to start getting traffic to it. You have to work hard and do everything at your disposal. It can really be a pain in the ass because you need traffic to get a better position in search engine results and in order to get that position you need to have traffic...

There are two key factors to start getting traffic: having good content and having links from relevant websites.

1. Content is the king

You need to have really good content onyour website. Why? Because Google loves content. The reason is pretty obvious: Google wants to be a solution for people. People go to the most important search engine because they need to find some information, maybe an address, maybe a recipe for cooking salmon or maybe an English school in London. If those people come to Google and they can´t find what they´re looking for, they will leave the search engine... and, of course, Google doesn´t want that, so the main goal of the Internet giant is to be able to give people the answers they need.

If Google, through it algorithm can see that you have interesting, unique and relevant content in your website, it will show your site in its results and you will start getting traffic and improving your position in these results.

2. Links, links and more links

From an SEO perspective, the more links you get from relevant websites the better. When Google checks your website, if it finds that important blogs or websites are linking to you, the search engine will think you are doing good work and your website is useful and it´s well regarded by relevant sites. This way, Google will improve your position in its search´s results.

How can you get links from other sites? There are many different steps you can take to attract more links. A few years ago it was easy to buy links from other websites in order to improve your position quickly but nowadays Google is able to find theses “black hat” actions and can penalise the websites involved in this kind of activities. But you can do “white hat” actions for getting links from other websites, like blog commenting, guest blog posting or article marketing.

Do you want to know how you can do these activities on your own? I will tell you in the next post ;-)