Thursday, 11 August 2011

Digital Marketing Concepts

Sometimes it's difficult to know about marketing concepts and so a lot more, about Online/Digital Marketing concepts.
Maybe you know there are a lot of possible actions related with the Online Marketing world, but you really know them? 

Bellow you can find a small glosary with the definition of different concepts and acronyms of common digital marketing actions.

  • Online Marketing. It's the application of the principles of Marketing in the Internet network of networks. You can include from market research to the application of specific techniques of online promotion like SEO and SEM strategies, Email Marketing, etc.

    • SEO: "Search Engine Optimization". It's the natural or organic positioning. It consists of a series of actions on page (modifications in the website) and external actions that make possible the emergence of a website on Internet search engines, with the aim of achieving top positions for most relevant search terms in each case.

      • SEM: "Search Engine Marketing". This is the field on the Online Marketing  that refers to the emergence and the promotion at search engines. It's very related with the PPC strategies.

        • PPC: "Pay Per Clic". This includes the contracting of sponsored links in different search engines on the market. There are different formats for this type of advertising, from conventional text ads or image ads through ads on videos, etc. The most famous system of PPC it would be Google AdWords.

          • SMO "Social Media Optimization". It's the Online Marketing field that generates publicity through social networks and online communities. The methods used are many and varied, from RSS feeds, blogging, social networking, personal or professional ...

            • ORM "Online Reputation Management". It's the practice of search, analysis and image enhancement and feedback from users of a person, company or brand in online media.

              • Email Marketing. Consists in using this versatile media by sending advertising of products or services to e-mail addresses that have been purchased or belonging to an existing database. There are two types of Email Marketing:
                • For Customer Loyalty. It's to offer promotions to specific customers or partners already established. It also includes creating a link to the user either congratulating him on his birthday, by the entry of a new year, any other special occasion or simply sending newsletters.
                • To Attract New Customers/Users. It's contracted the sending to an external database, in order to get users to become direct contacts of the company. Typically, you use a special promotion or any other claim appeal.

                • Internet Branding. It consists in building a brand, brand awareness, in online media. The Internet Branding can use many of the strategies of Online Marketing but with the very specific objective of strengthening the brand.

                  • Affiliate Marketing. It's a practice of online marketing consists of creating a virtual network of affiliates, whose mission is to refer visitors to a website target. Obviously there are different possibilities for compensation, either by generating traffic to the website or performing a specific action of the visitor on this site.

                    • Mobile Marketing. It's the use of strategies that bring a product, service or brand to consumers through their mobile terminal.

                    I hope all these small definitions are useful for you. They were it for me! ;)


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