Sunday, 5 August 2012

3 big brands, 3 Olympic adverts - Vol. III - Omega

I´m going to share during three weeks a very interesting review of 3 big brands that are rolling out their Olympic adverts: Adidas, British Airways and Omega.

You can find this review an other interesting material about advertising at "AD Breakdown", the BBC´s magazine's review of advertising.


THE ADVERT: Omega, Start Me Up

THE BRIEF: Remind the world of Omega's status as the official Olympic timekeeper.

THE SCHTICK: A remix of the Rolling Stones' Start Me Up chimes out as various Olympic athletes prepare to, er, start competing.

THE BREAKDOWN: It's easy for Omega. When you're in charge of timekeeping, you're linked with the drama of the raceAnd, of course, with the sense of anticipation and drama as the competitors get ready to begin.

For all its gloss and high production values, the watchmakers' ad is carefully paced.

The soundtrack is provided by the Rolling Stones - a British band is an obvious choice, particularly with Start Me Up in their back catalogue.

But the track, remixed by producer Don Was, starts and stops - allowing moments of silence, save for an Omega watch ticking, as a series of stars anticipate their big moment.

The camera lingers on the athletes - American pole vaulter Jenn Suhr, Chinese diver Qiu Bo, US sprinter Tyson Gay, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, US swimmer Natalie Coughlin, and, of course, British heptathlete Jessica Ennis - as they focus on launching themselves into their chosen event.

It's all very artfully shot, with copious use of slow motion photography. Limbs are stretched, brows are furrowed in concentration.

A roar from the crowd is, very briefly, heard, and then quickly blocked out.

The competitors are in position. And then an Omega official - of course - signals the start of the event.

Finally, we hear Mick Jagger singing the song's refrain. A close-up of an Omega watch face reminds us, had we forgotten, who the advert is for.

Of the three, it is this advert which conforms most fully to what we expect from a big-budget commercial.

And yet the lingering tension means it requires the most investment in terms of concentration. Perhaps Omega wants to make the point that its customers are patient and not too easily distracted.

THE VERDICT: Allyson Stewart-Allen, director of International Marketing Partners, says: "The strategy is about anticipation. It's about the excitement of preparing to start a big event. It does convey that tension through the visuals and the soundtrack. It makes sense that the music is British because the company is Swiss. The only risk is that Start Me Up has been used before in ads by Microsoft and others, but I don't think watching this people will think about computer software. It's stylish, in a different way to Adidas - Omega watches start at £1,000. It's a prestige, luxury brand. They're right to make it feel expensive."

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