Sunday, 15 July 2012

Holidays at home are great

In a summer when most Londoners would love to escape the city and its transport delays and traffic jams (yes, that's what the Olympics mean for London workers) and go on holidays as far as possible, the UK government has made ​​an interesting advertising campaign to promote tourism in the country, inviting British citizens to travel around the British territory, forgetting about visas, passports, currency and problems.

Obviously, this campaign is not directed exclusively to the citizens of London, but to all citizens of the country who summer after summer crowd the Spanish coasts (for example) hungry for sun and sand.

Why not offer these holidaymakers the option to enjoy a holiday at home? To achieve this, the campaign had to show a clear benefit, an incentive to supply the lack of sun and sand: a 20.12% discount on hotels and leisure activities.

The campaign has been a huge success, with an excellent commercial (with a simple but superb slogan) which is based on credible and reliable character references for the  British citizens who act as prescribers (a strategy widely used in the British advertising campaigns).

In addition to the spot, the campaign has been based on a web page where users can find all necessary information on how and where they can enjoy that 20.12% discount and a very good communication through social networks.

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